Good morning.

My Name is Manuel Miska and I have a background of round about 25 years of IT experience.

Starting with an old C=16 in the 80s and moving on through the first networks to finally managing the private network of my family.
The first steps were, for sure, playing games and starting some programming tasks.

Later on I took over the responsibility during school time for building up and management our School Network for accessing the Internet.
First connected via 28kbit Dial-Up Connection and later being connected via Fiber directly to the DFN via the University of Braunschweig.

After finished school and within apprenticeship used this technical knowledge to help my customers to reach their targets in IT and Unified Communication.
So i switched over to a Sales Role to gain more experience is doing business.

Today I'm leading a Communication Services Business Unit being responsible for the Techical Sales and the Portfolio and Process Management of Unified Communication and Videoconferencing Solutions, Meeting Room Solutions and several other Hard- and Software.

But I never forgot where I came from and this helped me to keep up a running infrastructure to provide access and also protection for my own Children during there steps in the modern communication world.

I've learned many things from others and now I want to give something back to the whole world which was and is my source of knowledge to solve problems.